Ecotech R&B:


Works hard in order to achieve the EXCELLENCE & new state of the art ENGINEERING PROCESSES.

Is part of a business GROUP formed also by: “DLT INVESTMENT”, “GREEN PROJECTS INT".

Counts with highly experienced and valuable personnel and therefore bring results to all our Clients.

Assures the results and incoming benefits to all our Clients by taking special care of the Quality.



Who are we?

ECOTECH , Co., Ltd. was established in 1982 under the name of Ecotech with 100% private capital. The company changed its name in 2009 to ECOTECH which also represents the its commercial trademark.  


The Company is specialized in the development and the implementation of Renewable Energy Projects (solar, wind, biomass, biofuels and hydro) and other specific projects aimed to reach high energy efficiency on operating industrial plants. As an example of this we can highlight our state of the art wastewater treatment for some industrial plants, which uses this unwanted fluid to recover energy and to produce electricity that can be sold to the grid. This wastewater treatment process is non expensive and it has been patented throughout the world.


ECOTECH also owns different industrial technologies such as ethanol, and potable-edible alcohol, industrial alcohol, Biogas (Methane), Biodiesel Plants, Sugar Mills, Front Ends for sugar cane, sweet sorghum and cassava and starch, as well as CO2 Recovery Plants, DDGS Plants and others.


ECOTECH also owns an exclusive and a unique technology based on Natural Products, (without any chemical product involved), aimed at growing high yield agricultural products with more starch or sugar content, such as cassava, Rice, Sweet Sorghum, Sugar Cane, Corn, etc.


At ECOTECH we believe that the best efforts are never enough and hence we recognize our team as our key strength. That´s why we develop a working culture that encourages and tries to get the potential out of each individual.


Professionalism define us due to:


  1. We employ competent and dedicated personnel.
  2. We encourage talent and personal development.
  3. We are engaged with professionals at all levels from different sectors.
  4. We introduce systems and procedures to enhance high added value services that satisfy our Customers.